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Hi, my name is Ramon.

 If someone had told me 15 years ago that I would be working as a digital officer for MerryLynn today, I would have called him crazy. Coming from simple living conditions, I often had to fight hard to get what I wanted and endured several strokes of fate. But in the end, life has been good to me and one thing led to another so that everything fitted perfectly into my path.

My transformation from being an electrician to becoming a digital officer took place step by step over many years – consistency and openness were faithful companions. Today, together with Laurence, the founder of MerryLynn, I get the opportunity to introduce you to a world that I fortunately discovered at the age of 30, the moment I realized in which hamster wheel we are running. But there is a way out! And because changes always start with yourself, you have it in your own hands. Become the director of your life, like I did and finally live the life of happiness you deserve. I am delighted to accompany you on your way.

Don’t be afraid to be amazing!


Ramon is Digital Officer of MerryLynn.

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