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Hi, my name is Désirée

I learn something new every day and I expand my own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative, happy and meaningful life. Questioning - trying - changing, that's how I live and work. I am curious, imaginative, optimistic and open to any challenge that life brings to me. 

I try to enjoy life as it is: to do the best I can, enjoy the pleasures that come my way, and live in the present; take nothing for granted, but accept what comes my way, however positive or negative it may be; I try to improve myself every day.

But it hasn’t always been all glitters and unicorns. We all want to feel fulfilled personally and professionally. But sometimes that can feel far from reach. I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life but letting go of control and surrendering trust to the Universe isn’t something I’ve always been able to do.

For a long time I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I just wanted to become the happiest person I know.
I knew something needed to change so I started to learn what it really takes to change my life and create happiness and fulfilment of desires. I started soaking up spiritual principles, meditation practices and anything else that helped me get aligned with my true purpose: to be a source of inspiration.

Because I know one thing for sure - becoming happy can be learned!


Désirée is Yoga teacher.

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