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Hi, my name is Sandro.

In search of an adequate training of the mind, I encountered Tibetan Buddhism in 1994 and began the corresponding basic meditation exercises. The teacher-student relationship – which requires a direct, regular exchange – plays a central role in this spiritual/mind development. Not only is this teaching method new to western understanding, but its development and award does not correspond to a diploma course as we know it. It is indeed authorized by the corresponding teacher. In this sense, I maintain a regular exchange with my meditation teachers who are realized meditation masters.

People working with me can look forward to more than 27 years of daily meditation practice. Furthermore, since 2008 I teach mindfulness meditation within personal sessions, small groups or retreats as well as for employees of several companies.

In addition to that, I also continued my education in the field of psychology and successfully completed following programs:

• Ibp-Institut (Winterthur, Switzerland): 2 years course in innerprocess-support.

• agogis INSOS: Group leader in everyday life with mentally disabled people in the work area.

• Center for Form and Change (Irène Kummer): body-oriented psychotherapy and counseling, focus: self- and stress management also with regard to gender-related issues.

• Mental Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) according to Jon Kabat-Zinn


Sandro is Meditation teacher.

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