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Hi, my name is Laurence.

Although I have worked my whole life in corporate, first and foremost I am a happiness seeker. I have spent years cleaving my path through the jungle of serious and less serious offers. I have personally tested numerous techniques, invested unlimited amount of time and money into my personal development and, doing so, went through many different states of mind and emotions, from super excited to totally disappointed, from delighted to overwhelmed…

I wouldn’t want to miss anything I’ve experienced or anyone I’ve met, but I am aware of the fact that not everyone has the resources or the energy to start from scratch. And this is the reason why I created MerryLynn. I have combined some of the most valuable techniques into one single method, so I can share it with the world – especially with the ones amongst you that stand at the beginning of their own happiness-seeking-journey and are not sure where to start! My goal with the Happy Island MethodTM is to offer you a brand new and unique way of easily and quickly find out what works best for YOU, so you can create your own Happy IslandTM.

I only share techniques that I have tested myself and that have become part of my life. Some of them I use daily, some of them just when I feel the need. But they all have one thing in common: they helped me to find happiness, serenity and inner peace. And because happiness is only real when shared, today I want to give you a glimpse into my Happy IslandTM and I truly hope that this will inspire and motivate you to create your own, unfold your potential and live the fulfilled life you deserve.

Don’t be afraid to be amazing!


Laurence is Founder of MerryLynn.

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